Frequently Asked Questions

What are nail wraps?

You can stick nail wraps on your nails like a sticker to provide your nails with a nice color or decoration. These nail wraps contain 7 layers of gel, making it feel like you got a full-treat manicure at a nail salon. You harden the nail wraps for another 60 seconds under the  UV lamp and you add a top coat for protection and finishing touch. Done!

After a bit of practice, I can now remove my old wraps, clean my nails and apply new wraps within 20 minutes. After I get my manicure done @home

How do I sticker the nail wraps?

Watch the video: 'Placing your wraps in 4 steps ' or view the reel on Instagram.

How do I remove the wrap nails?

Watch the video: 'Removing your wraps in 3 steps' .

How thick is the gel nail sticker?

The gel nail is quite thick, so it can also be a solution for brittle nails.

How long do gel nails last?

The gel nail stickers will remain in place for at least 10 days.

What can I do about the wraps getting stuck behind my hair?

It is best to apply a top coat , this ensures that wraps no longer get caught on your hair. This usually occurs after ~7 days. A set of wraps consists of 20 gel nail stickers, so you can also re-stick a crochet sticker.

What can I do about the stickers chipping?

Apply a top coat . This protects the gel nail sticker. Or apply a new wrap. When sticking, it is also important to press the corners firmly with a stick. This prevents chipping and peeling.

How long does the gel nail sticker manicure take?

If you have practiced a bit, ~20 minutes is feasible to apply new nail stickers.

Are you stickering gel nails for the first time? Then first watch the instruction video or view the reel on Instagram. It takes some getting used to, so it will probably take you about ~30-40 minutes.

Do you need a UV lamp for all stickers?

Beats. The gel of the nail sticker hardens by using a UV LED lamp . The gel also keeps the stickers in place for at least 10 days.

Are you still receiving new colors?

Probably, but if you have a specific wish, please send GNW an email to

Do gel polish stickers damage your own nails?

If you remove the wraps correctly, you will not damage your own nails. You remove the stickers by loosening a corner with the stick and then dripping some cuticle oil under the wraps so that the glue releases. Let the oil soak in for a while. You can then easily peel the stickers off your nail.

If you remove the gel nail stickers without cuticle oil, you run the risk of damaging the top layer of your nails. Also watch the video on how to properly remove gel nail wraps

Are gel nail stickers vegan?

All products in the webshop are vegan. Vegan means that the products do not contain animal substances.

Have the products been tested on animals?

All products are not tested on animals. Unlike many types of nail polish and other beauty products such as makeup.

Gel Nail Wrap products also contain no toxic substances.

Can I safely wear gel nail stickers during my pregnancy?

Certainly. With gel nail polish there is a very small chance that nail polish will enter the bloodstream through the cuticle or nail bed. Since the stickers are not liquid, this is not an issue with gel nail stickers.

Nail polish also warns against inhaling fumes. If you still want to go to the nail salon, first inquire about the ventilation options during your manicure.

If you use a top coat , check the ingredients. During your pregnancy it is important not to come into contact with certain substances. These substances are only harmful if you use them often and for long periods of time.

In short, applying nail wraps during your pregnancy is a very good alternative to the nail salon.

For more information read the blog about: Using nail polish vs. nail wraps during your pregnancy

Can gel nail wraps help stop nail biting?

Certainly! Here is the biggest nail biter in the country, but thanks to sticker wrap nails I have stopped biting my nails. A gel nail sticker consists of several layers of gel. The sticker is therefore very difficult to bite through, which means you are less likely to nibble.

Read the blog about my experiences in stopping nail biting

The nails are coming loose, how is that possible?

It may be that the supplier's batch is not good. I can contact them if I have a photo of the black case with the numbers on it. You can email this to This way they can trace a batch and if it is incorrect, I can help you with this.

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