About GNW

What is Gel Nail Wrap?

Wrap, mani & shine!

No time or budget to go to the salon? With Gel Nail Wrap you can sticker premium gel nails at home in ~20 minutes and have well-groomed nails for 10 days. You stick the wraps on your nails like a sticker, file them, put them under the UV lamp for 60 seconds and you're done. After a bit of practice, I can now remove my old wraps, clean my nails and apply new wraps within 20 minutes.

The face behind Gel Nail Wrap

Hello, I'm Hanna. 32 years old. And since 2017 together with Jochem. We now have two sons. And I have to talk about tractors, trucks and Duplo all day long 😉.

Painting my nails extensively was something that first disappeared with the arrival of children. It takes so much time: Varnishing, drying and the next layer. And because it flakes off again within two days, I wasn't really motivated for nail polish anymore. Regularly going to the nail salon is not really my thing. So these wraps are really a solution for me! And I hope that I can also make other people happy with my webshop full of wraps.

Nail it! Love, Hanna

Branding by: Rosalie Bouma

Starterset met nail wraps van Gel Nail Wrap

Starter set Gel Nail Wrap

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This set consists of:

  • 2 nail sticker designs of your choice;
  • Mini UV LED lamp;
  • XL Bottle Topcoat matt or shine;
  • Cuticle oil Coconut or Rose.

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Put together your starter set

Gel Nail Wrap starter set

This Gel Nail Wrap starter set contains everything you need for salon...