A Babyboom nail with gel nail stickers

The must-have for every woman: Babyboom gel polish

Are you also looking for a trendy and easy way to make your own nails? baby boom look to give? Search no further! With these 7-layer gel nail stickers (nail wraps) from Gel Nail Wrap you have come to the right place.

What is baby boom nails?

Baby boom nails are a popular nail trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This style is named after the generation born after the Second World War, also known as the 'baby boomers'.

When is the color for a baby boom nail suitable for?

This trend is a chic, stylish way to do your manicure. Moreover, these baby boom gel polish stickers are very subtle. Whether you have a party, a business meeting or just the daily look, a bayboom nail is always a good idea.

With this baby boom hype, the nail world is completely turned upside down. The previous trend (French manicure) is completely put aside.

The gradient of baby boom nails color

The white color of the baby boom gel polish is usually applied at the bottom of the cuticle and the color gradually fades to a pink or nude color towards the top of the nail.

The baby boom nails color of Gel Nail Wrap runs from white to subtle pink. You apply this in one go using a gel nail sticker.

Baby boom nail

DIY Manicure

More and more women are looking for ways to apply a quality manicure at home. And to replicate the salon at home. Our nail wraps and nail stickers are the perfect solution for those who want to create a professional-looking baby boom manicure without having to go to the salon.

How does creating a baby boom look work with nail wraps?

Doing your own manicure with nail wraps is a simple and easy way to give your nails a professional look without having to go to the salon. Also read the detailed explanation of how to place your own nail stickers here .

Watch the video below on how to place nail wraps 👇

Step 1: Preparations

Clean and dry your nails. Make sure you have not used any greasy creams or oils beforehand. Degrease your nails with alcohol pads.

Choose the right size nail wrap per nail. This is very important to ensure a good fit and reduce the risk of chipping or loosening. It is better to choose a slightly less wide wrap nail than one that is too wide. Then you also have a chance of loosening due to sticking in the cuticle.

Step 2: Apply

Place the wrap nail on the nail and press it firmly, possibly with the supplied stick or a bokkenpoot. Start at the cuticle and slowly work your way down, keeping the wrap tight and smooth. Fold the overhanging edges of the wrap around your nail and file away the excess with the file. Then harden the baby boom gel polish for 60 seconds under the mini UV LED lamp.

Step 3: Finishing

To extend the life of the wrap nail and ensure that it adheres well, you can apply a top coat over the wrap. This not only provides a matte or glossy finish , but also helps protect the wrap from chipping and scratches.

And you're done, real gel polish baby boom nails! In just a few simple steps you can enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting baby boom gel polish nail look using nail wraps. Whether you 're a nail care novice or an experienced nail technician, nail wraps are a great option for anyone looking for a professional-looking manicure without the expense and forgetting of your nail salon appointment.

Also read the pro tips for the most beautiful wrap nails here

Is baby boom also suitable if you have short nails?

Absolute! Baby boom nails are a versatile style that are also suitable for shorter nails. But especially these wrap nails , because they are also easy to stick on your nails with shorter nails. Also read this blog about this.

In fact: These baby boom nails are a smart way to make it look like you have longer nails. This is because the baby tree has a soft transition in color and this ensures an optically longer nail.

This baby boom manicure also improves the appearance of your hands. It gives a certain degree of elegance and makes your nails look well-groomed. With these baby boom wrap nails you can create this elegant baby boom look in an instant. Truly an upgrade - regardless of the length of your nails.

Baby boom nails color

How long can I enjoy a baby boom look with nail wraps?

Babyboom nail wraps are a super good option for anyone looking for a neutral and durable nail style. However, the lifespan of these nail wraps can vary depending on several factors.

In general, baby boom nail wraps can last up to two weeks, provided they are applied properly and you continue to take good care of them. Make sure that the nail wraps are properly applied and completely hardened under the mini UV LED lamp before exposing them to water or other influences that could affect adhesion.

It is also important not to start the curing process prematurely. This can start early if the stickers are exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. You will notice this if the stickers are difficult to remove from the strip.

In addition, it is important to properly care for and protect your nails to extend the life of the nail wraps. Avoid contact with hard or abrasive surfaces and use gloves when doing household chores to prevent damage to the nail wraps. Regularly applying a top coat can also help to extend the life of the nail wraps.

In short, baby boom nail wraps are a great choice if you are looking for a long-lasting and neutral nail. With proper care and attention, these nail wraps can last up to two weeks and provide you with beautiful and professional nails that you can proudly show off.

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