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Starterset met nail wraps van Gel Nail Wrap

Starter set Gel Nail Wrap

FROM €75.75 NOW FOR €58!

This set consists of:

  • 2 nail sticker designs of your choice;
  • Mini UV LED lamp;
  • XL Bottle Topcoat matt or shine;
  • Cuticle oil Coconut or Rose.

Grab this €75.75 set NOW FOR ONLY €58 and receive FREE shipping!

Put together your starter set

Are nail wraps easy to apply?

Gel Nail Stickers are easy to apply. If you have practiced a bit, ~20 minutes is feasible to apply new gel nail stickers. Are you wrapping for the first time? Then it will probably take you a little longer. It takes some time to get used to stickers. Also watch the video: 'Placing your wraps in 4 steps ' or view the reel on Instagram.

Nail Wraps in different colors

GNW offers different colors of gel polish stickers. The nail wraps can be found in different collections: Solid wraps, Solid+ wraps , Nail art wraps, Party,

Pearl, Cat Eye

or Pedicure nail wraps

The solid collection contains nail stickers such as: baby boom nails , pink nails , purple nails , burgundy red nails , green nails , lilac nails , rainbow nails in the colors: light blue nails and yellow nails and light pink nails.

The Solid+ collection: This collection contains strips with solid colors, but a different color for each nail. Like rainbow nails . The Kameleon variants also belong to this collection.

The Nailart collection ensures that you no longer have to fiddle with small brushes, but simply sticker nail art nail wraps in an instant.

Give away nail stickers as gifts

Do you have a friend's birthday, your sister or your mother? Give nail wraps as a gift✨💜

Give a starter set with nail stickers as a gift. This way they can get started straight away.